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it's all smoke and mirrors

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Name:A pail of ashes
Birthdate:Oct 10
smut |smət| noun
1. a small flake of soot or other dirt : all those black smuts from the engine.
1a. a mark or smudge made by such a flake : the curtains were gray with city smuts.
2. a fungal disease of grains in which parts of the ear change to black powder.
2a. The fungi belong to Ustilago and other genera, order Ustilaginales, class Teliomycetes.
3. obscene or lascivious talk, writing, or pictures : porn, in this view, is far from being harmless smut.

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absurdist pairings, albedo, albedo/sakura, albedo/shion, bdsm, bloodplay, bondage, death by drowning, diane duane, dmitri yuriev, fanfic, femdom, fictional journals, firefly, gaia, gentle mockery, halo, het, holly lisle, inconsequential npc slash, internet memes, jr./momo, making up new words, marathon, megaman, metafandom, midnight robber, mri, mu*ing, nalo hopkinson, naomi novik, original fiction, pretension, roleplay, sci-fi, temeraire, testaments, the dark tower, the faded sun, the secret texts, to visit the queen, urtvs, vincalis the agitator, what the porn?, wilhelm/kevin, world of warcraft, xenosaga, xenosaga fanfic, young wizards
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